How to download your Pixieset Gallery

How to download your Pixieset Gallery

Yaaaaay!!! You’ve received an email that tells you your gallery of images is ready for download. Now what!? How do you download the images? Here is a step by step tutorial on how to do just that!


Step 1: Open the email I sent you, and it will look like this (If the gallery has a password for entry that will also be on the email)


Step 2: Click on the green button that says “View Photos”


Step 3: If an entry password is needed a new black screen will open requesting the password which can be found on the original email. If no password is required the gallery screen will open. Click the open button.


Step 4: Your images will now pop up! If you would like to scroll through them first make sure you give it some time when you reach the bottom of the page, there may be more waiting to load! When you are ready to download your images, click on the “Download Icon” in the top right corner (Looks like a downward arrow with a rectangle below it)


Step 5: A new window will open that asks you for your email and the 4-digit PIN that I provided you with (The pin is also included in the original email). Enter this information here.


Step 6: Next you will get a loading screen. Wait for it to finish loading, make sure that “Highlights” is checked. Once it’s finished then click the “Start download” button. If you accidentally close the window don’t worry, you can always go back to the original email and get the link again!


Step 7: Your download link will now popup! Yay you are almost done! Click the “Link” to download your images. This is the step that many people get confused by, they don’t realize you need to click on the words of the link. (The link is the first circle at the top of the download screen). After you click that a box will popup asking you what you want to do with your images. You can choose to “Save” which will most likely save the images to your downloads folder OR my preferred option, choose to “Save As” and create a folder to save them in.8 

Step 8: Once your images are finished downloading it will ask you if you would like to “Open”, “Open the folder” or View Downloads”. I like to click on “Open folder” just in case you have forgotten where you chose to download them to. After you open the folder the images need to be “Unzipped” as they are automatically compressed (Zipped) to improve the speed of your download. You will see a folder that has a zipper on it to signify it needs to be unzipped before use.


Step 9: Right click on the zipped folder and find the option “Extract all”. Click on “Extract all” and wait a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the size of your folder. It will create a duplicate folder of the images that are unzipped and ready to be printed, shared and enjoyed for years and years to come!!


Sarina and Harrison-Wedding- Abbotsford, BC

You may have seen the beautiful engagement session of Sarina and Harrison that were taken at the airport to highlight how their relationship started. They met here in Vancouver, BC and it was apparent to everyone that this relationship was going some where. Unfortunately Harrison lived on the island and sarina lived in Calgary so that meant many, many plane trips, ferry rides, and so many kilometeres in a car. But they never faltered. They put in the time and made each other a priority. That clearly strengthened their bond and made the airport a very fitting place for their engagement pictures.

Fast forward to their wedding day.. It took place at the sprawling vacation property of Sarina’s family. This home was STUNNING! Complete with a pond, golf course, zipline and so much more. Sarina took our breath away in the gorgeous gown she chose, comfort and the ability to have fun with her guests were important in the decision making process. Harrison looked so dapper in his khakis and crisp white shirt. The food was DELICIOUS. Hands down some of the best food I’ve had. The dinner included tequila and lime corn on the cob, jalapeno and cheddar corn bread, stuffed potatoes as well as salads and a chicken and fish option that were out of this world! The kombucha bar was enjoyed by everyone was such a nice personal touch. They also included trunks filled with blankets, board games, glow bands for when the party started and even a coloring book for her niece! So sweet! During the formal portraits guests were kept busy with an electric slide lesson (Which they performed with all their guests for their first dance!) as well as many lawn games. These two were even brave enough to jump on the zipline together!
They have definitely won my award for the most in love couple of the year, no question! I can not wait to hear where the road takes you, I look so forward to hopefully being a part of your future journey (Family, maternity and newborn pictures guys 😉 )

Thanks for having us there, it was a true pleasure!