Surrey, BC – Baby Boy Hayden – Sara Barratt Photography

Hi Guys,

I have been SO behind on my blogging lately, no excuses, I’ve just been slacking!! I recently had Baby Boy Hayden in for his newborn photography session accompanied by his amazing momma Sophia. Now, first off you have to know how awesome this family is! No joke, Sophia is one of the sweetest people you will EVER meet so I felt beyond honored to do this session for them.

Hayden was the most handsome little guy and was beyond content!  He slept pretty much the entire session and only woke up a couple of times which was great because we got a couple of shots showing those gorgeous eyes of his. I suddenly realized where the saying “slept like a baby” came from! It’s quite a rare occasion to have a newborn come into the studio and have them sleep without any real work. Well, baby Hayden broke the mold! Now, don’t think I was too spoiled by this occasion, like I said it is very rare, so don’t feel bad if your bundle doesn’t follow his lead! I hear ALL the time from parents that come in for their sessions “I am so sorry, he/she normally sleeps really well!!” I swear these little guys know that they are modeling and just want to throw a wrench in it (Giving you a sign of what’s to come parents! I have also never seen a baby with such perfect skin, it was so flawless, needless to say I am completely jealous lol!! Can they just figure out the secret to that baby smooth skin already and bottle it!! I’d be there buying the entire shelf!

Well, without further adieu, here are a couple of my favorite images from his session! I hope you love them as much as I do! If you would like to book your newborn’s photo shoot remember that you can book based on your due date! Feel free to message me or call for more information!IMG_6160IMG_6147progress2export (21 of 25)export (20 of 25)export (6 of 25)


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