Newborn Session Information


Newborn SessionĀ Information

Are you wondering what to expect on the day of your newborn portrait session? Well I have all the answers right here, plus some that you may not have even thought of! Read below for complete newborn session information

When should I schedule my newborn’s portrait session?- We can schedule your newborn’s portraits based on your due date. The session retainer fee will be due to officially reserve your date but We STRONGLY believe in quality over quantity therefore we will not book 20 sessions a month leaving more dates available and an extremely attentive staff. We pride ourselves on giving our clients a boutique experience and are there every step of the way. We want you to look back on your session and think of how amazing the entire process was, but most of all how personal it all was.

What happens if my baby comes late or early? – Since babies tend to come earlier or later than planned (No matter how much we will it one way or another šŸ˜‰ ) we can move that date around as needed. We just ask that you get in touch with me right after your baby is born so I am aware of the new projected date of your session and make any of the changes that we may need to based on your little bubs new birthday! We completely understand how crazy and hectic it can be after your bundle arrives with visitors, selfies and putting them in all those new little outfits you washed/folded and re washed/folded so even a quick text just to let me know they have arrived! I prefer to photograph babies within the first two weeks of life since this is when they are their sleepiest, most flexible and things like baby acne and dry/flaky skin haven’t started. Premature babies can be an exception.

Where will the session take place? – Newborn sessions take place in my hone portrait studio. I provide everything needed for the session (Hats, headbands, blankets, baskets and props) so all you have to worry about is bringing that new perfect addition! However, some parents like to bring a certain memento or family heirloom to be incorporated into the session. Some examples are mommas veil from the wedding day, a favorite toy of daddy’s when he was little, maybe a blanket that grandma knitted special just for them. If you have something that you would like to be used during the session feel free to bring it along and we will be sure to use it during your portraits! Your session will be completely set up before you arrive at the studio so we can be sure to get rolling as soon as you are settled!

What do I need to do the day of the session? – If at all possible, try keeping your baby stimulated and awake an hour or so before the session; a bath usually helps with keeping them awake (And gives them soft fluffy hair also!). It’s best to start on a full belly- Full belly equals sleepy baby! With this in mind feeding him/her right before you put them in the car seat to head to the studio is best- full belly+ soothing motion of a car ride=conked out baby! When dressing him/her to head my way please dress him/her in a button or zippered down outfit so I do not have to pull anything over their head while undressing them and risk waking them. When fastening their diaper please do the tabs a little bit looser so it doesn’t leave any marks on the skin. The room will be warmed to between 80-85 degrees for the baby so you will want to dress light and in layers. Sessions can typically take up to 2-4 hours even with a very sleepy baby so please don’t schedule anything between that time frame. I will also play a white noise machine during the session to mimic the sounds of the womb and help facilitate sleep even more.

What should I bring the day of the session? – We will supply everything for the portraits but there are a couple things we ask you to bring if you can. Please bring a pacifier if your baby takes one. If notĀ Ā not to worry,Ā it is definitely not a problem.Ā Also bring a staple in almost all diaper bags, diapers! It’s also nice to bring a bottle of formula or expressed breast milk so I can feed baby during the session, it’s sometimes hard for them to settle back into a deep sleep if they get close and smell mommy or if mommy’s milk hasn’t come in fully (Also why we try to schedule sessions after 6 days, it gives milk time to come in) baby may want to use mommy to snack and soothe frequently. If you are exclusively breast feeding not a problem, that’s perfectly fine and we will take breaks as needed.