Liz and Norm – Wedding – Grouse Mountain – North Vancouver, B.C

Liz and Norm… One of those couples that are so utterly different and yet some how so completely perfect for each other! He loves rock and roll (He was even in a hair band in his younger days 😉 ) and she likes country! He is a thin tall drink of water and she a petite, fit beauty!! You couldn`t have found more polar opposites if you tried… on the outside! But where it counts, they are identical! They both cherish their friends and family, they both love to have a good time and are up for anything! You can tell they are both caretakers, that was evident from the beginning when in the planning stages (We are very involved with the planning therefor learn all the amazing details from the get go!) they often mentioned their guests and what they would like! I could tell they were the type of people that has friends from 10, maybe even 20 years ago as they value relationships so much, none other more then their now husband and wife though! The love in their eyes burns it`s existence into your psyche.

The ceremony and reception took place at the mystical lodge of Grouse Mountain on a very foggy and misty day. It gave so much mystery to the atmosphere, I was in heaven! The wood work in the lodge is so intricate, it made for some really fun ring shots! The entire bridal party looked amazing and so well put together, no detail was over looked!

The food was amazing and everyone had their fill of salmon, salads and some amazing moist cakes. The cake! The cake was so different! I LOVED their cake toppers!
Here are just a couple of the images from their fantastic day! They just recently got back from my dream honeymoon (I`m a LITTLE jealous!) so I hope you guys are settling in nicely as husband and wife!! Congrats you guys!!


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