Sarina and Harrison-Engagement-Boundary Bay Airport Delta, BC

Sarina and Harrison just got married yesterday!! That shows how behind I am on my blogging but I’m trying to catch up! I’m so full of emotions right now after photographing their wedding last night so this will probably be extra gushy (Bare with me!) These two… man, I thought there was a ridiculous amount of love between them (I’m serious, I know I say it a lot, but my assistant will even tell you, these two are CA-RA-ZY in love!) but then I met their families.. then I heard the speeches.. wow.. they are surrounded by people that ADORE them (And for good reason!) They are both the type of people you want to have as friends, so warm, so enthusiastic all the time, and most importantly SO genuine! Put them together and they are unstoppable! Okay I’ll stop now, on to the engagement session!

Sarina and Harrison spent a large chunk of their relationship long distance. They never let that get them down so they would sneak off to see each other as often as they coul. This meant they spent a lot of time on planes, in trains, ferries, cars and so on! So it seemed only fitting that we would hold their engagement session at an airport right! Well that was tougher than we thought.. Never fear Sara is here! Throw in a little Cosmic fate and I met someone that worked with planes near Boundary Bay airport and they would be more than happy to host us for a session!! (Squeal!!) so off we went, having no idea that the session would end on an epic turn!

Eevery time they would greet each other at the airport Sarina would run to Harrison and he would pick her up and spin around. So naturally we had to recreate that moment!
The way they look at each other.. wow..

And then the coolest thing happened… we were invited into the simulator!!! They got to fly a plane! (Well, sort of, close enough 😉 )

Congratulations you two love birds.. I am so thrilled for you both, you looked amazing last night and I can’t wait for you guys to start an amazing life together… and I’m waiting for the baby to photograph 😉

Spin often and hold each other close

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