Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Wow you are getting married! How exciting (And nerve-wracking if we are being completely honest!). I remember how MUCH it seemed went into planning a wedding and just how daunting it all felt. The date is set for one of the most magical and important days of your life. It would be our greatest honor to be the Vancouver wedding photographer entrusted to capture all of the beauty and joy of this special day with priceless images that will live forever.

This is your day and we want to be an integral part of it. You won’t just see us at the consultation and then at the wedding. We are more than just a photographer and will be there to guide you through the entire, daunting process of planning one of the pivotal days in your life. Your vision will come to life as we specialize in taking your passions and immortalizing them in images that are not the same old over-done wedding shots. You’ll look better than ever as we use our trained eye to find the angles that accentuate your natural beauty and capture a variety of images that are bursting with romance.

We’ll also create something that is uniquely you, like our Groom that said, “If I could I’d actually marry Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady!” We took him at his word and created a shot of our couple and the bridal party running from a 200 foot tall Tom Brady! lol 

Our objective is to make your process easier and more enjoyable.

Let us help you with the details, with vendor recommendations and with our extensive ideas on how to cut costs and even do-it-yourself with our extensive knowledge and tutorials.

We have a wide variety of packages for all budgets starting at just $1540.

We look forward to meeting you and being a part of such an amazing and historic event in your life! To book your free consultation just head on over here